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October 7, 2012
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      You felt... Awkward being Alfred's girlfriend..
  You weren't the skinniest, that was the problem. It was weird being the companion of a mussily  guy, when you didn't even have a flat stomach.. He could've picked anyone..  Bella, Amanda, Allica, Deena, Kayla.. Anyone.. Though for some reason, he loved you. Why? You were just a chubby high-school girl. You weren't anything special to a guy like him. Sometimes it seemed embarrassing..

      Did you embarrass him...?

      That was one of the questions you wished dearly someone could answer. This weekend, you were asked to go with your boyfriend to one of his infamous parties. You almost declined, though you know you would feel bad later, so you said 'yes'.

     "(Name)? (Naaammeee)? (NAME)!"
    You were then pulled from your thoughts.

   "Finally.", Alfred started, "I've been trying to get your attention for aaaggesss!", The boy exclaimed, smiling. He always did that.. Smiled...
  Were you even worth those beautiful smiles..? You sure as hell didn't think so.

     *At the party*

      "You ready to have some fun, babe?", Alfred had an arm around you. You forced a smile, "Y-Yeah! Of course!", You spluttered, feeling guilty for lying.. You looked around, seeing all these girls in tank-tops and skimpy little outfits. If you wore that, you'd probably look like a whale.. They'd probably call you one too..

       After a while, you'd danced with your boyfriend, earning envious, and annoyed stares. Then, he'd sat you down on a couch, "You okay, babe..?", You nodded, "No.. What's wrong..?", He brushed a hand over your cheek.

     A group of drunk girls came up to the both of you, "Heeeeeey, Al, baby, W-Why don't you leave her, and c-come with ussss..?", One asked, "Yeeeah! Have some fun!~", Another said, "Sh-She's such a waste of space!! She's an elephant, I sweear!", Your eyes widened, ready to cry. Were you really that big..? You were only a little big.. Not too much bigger... "No."  Huh? You looked up. Alfred had said it.. The girls whined, "Fiiinnneee!", They sighed. As they walked away, he yelled, "She has WAAAAYY bigger boobs than you guys! Plus, she's gorgeous as HEEEELLL!", You smiled.. Brightly.

     He looked down at you, "Sorry.. Babe.", You simply smiled wider, "No.. Thank you, hero...", He smiled as well, "I love you.. No matter what your body looks like.. But let me tell you. Those curves are fffiiiiinnne. And those boobs, Daaaayum~", You giggled, blushing. "I-I love you too...~", You both smiled, kissing him.

      It was so refreshing to have someone that loved you for you.. It was amazing. He didn't judge. The first boy to never judge you for your size. He made you happy. You made him happy. On Monday, when you and Alfred bumped into those girls, he tossed a Twinky wrapper at them, earning gasps, "Carbs!!", They all whined, "Calories!", One squeaked, as if she'd pass out. So dramatic..

     When lunch rolled around, Arthur had asked you for help in English. He was having some trouble on a poem. Arthur of all people.. You 'tsked'. Finding some rhymes and rhythms to match, he thanked you bunches, placing a kiss on your hand. You blushed, before Alfred ripped your wrist from his grasp, "MY girlfriend!", He pouted, coiling around you, like a snake.

     You giggled.. Two...? Two people after the chubby girl..? How? You were amazed.. This made you so happy.. So very happy..

    You went to Alfred's that night, to do some 'studying', Well.. That was the excuse you gave your mom.
  Cuddled up in Al's bed, he hugged you to his chest. "A-Al..?", You asked, looking up at him.

      "Thank you...", "What? For what?!", You began o tear up. "F-For not judging me... F-F-For not thinking I was just 'the fat girl'. F-F--or L-Loving mee!", You hugged him tight. He frowned sadly, "Awh, baby.. Sh-Shh.. There there.. I'd never think of you  as 'the fat girl..', He cringed at the stupid nickname. Why? You were beautiful, "I love you.. Don't cry...", He kissed your forehead. "I love you too... Alfie..."

       That night, you fell asleep in Alfred's arms.. Not going to school the next day. You stayed in bed, cuddling your love,
                                                                         Sweet nothings being exchanged..
You are beautiful...
Trust me.
I made this, because personally, I don't feel beautiful.
I'm a bit overweight, like reader.
I have a bit of pudge on me.

I'm also soososososooo sorry..

I've had so many family problems, I've had no times or motivation to write.
Same as in the summer.. It was just.. Awful...
Again, I am genuinely sorry..
My life has been turned upside-down..
Anyways. Enough about my stupid problemos.

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Lightstarrrr Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
I'm more on the chubby side :T. All is fine except that someone said "ew you wear size 16, lose some weight that's gross" I just swiped it off x3
elyanaxlevilove Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Student Digital Artist
im the chubby one no one makes fun of me at school though all r nice well not all of themRoll Eyes CURSE YOU! 
Norges-butter Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
This is so beautiful! I love fanfics like this, they rise my self esteem and they make me not look so down on my self.
                                                                              Lovely Shoujo (Pretty Please) [V3] 
totallyunfamousmira Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
This actually raised my self esteem. I also do not find myself to be beautiful or even pretty. This is amazing, I thank you. This little One-shot Just brought back my hope that someday, someone might love. You are absolutely amazing!

(Sorry for ranting and confessing... Just felt like I could tell you things)
gohagosa Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2013
Is there an Arthur one? XD
bluberrysocks Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2013
i have friends like that, they may not be the prettiest flowers in the meadow, but they have the prettiest personalities. i know it was cheesy but it's true. being pretty is over-rated. be yourself, i'm on the chubby side but people love me for me not for what i look like. dumb whores screaming at a twinkies wrapper, twinkies are freaking life changing!:pissed: rvmp 
biggestmunkfan Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm chubbier than most of my friends and family members yet have the Biggest boobs.Even my curvier friends don't have as big as boobs as me.(I don't say fatter or chubbier I say Curvier when talkin bout people.)
gohagosa Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013

animeHetaliagirl16 Featured By Owner May 19, 2013
Thank you for writing this! I often feel like this to and worry people will call me fat. I actually do feel overweight and trying to loose it. But anyway great story!!
Kaosu-to-Anaki Featured By Owner May 2, 2013  Student Artist
Alfred: "She has WAAAAYY bigger boobs than you guys! Plus, she's gorgeous as HEEEELLL!
Me: :iconostopityouplz:
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